Download Wallet





Install wallet CREA

Download the official mainnet wallet qt of Creativechain in this link. (WIN, MAC, LINUX)

Specific requirements: MAC Wallet requires latest macOS Sierra version and may need to update the Xcode.

– Execute the downloaded file:

1)-Download and execute the Wallet for your operating system. Download wallet.

2)-Add nodes if needed. Help/ Debug Windows/console

addnode= add
addnode= add
addnode= add
addnode= add

3)-For greater security, we recommend you to encrypt your wallet. Settings /Encrypt wallet

4)-We recommend that you always keep a copy of your wallet in a safe place. File /Backup Wallet…

5)-Select the Address where to receive CREA. Receive address / Request payment / copy address (CREA addresses alwys start with “C”)

If you need help for installing the wallet contact our team in the Telegram group: English language, Spanish language. Italian language

Important: if you delete your wallet without having a security copy, you won’t be able to get back your CREA anymore. We know this is something obvious, but it is necessary to be remembered.