May 1st 2017

Total Contribution

STEPS TO FOLLOW in order to get your CREA

First step

Install wallet CREA

1- Download the official mainnet wallet qt of Creativechain in this link. (WIN, MAC, LINUX)
If you were using the test net wallet, make sure to delete it as well as the data files from the former core. These are the file paths for every operating system:

Win: \Users\youruser\AppData\Roaming\creativecoin

Mac: Users\Youruser/Library/Application Support/creativecoin

Linux: /home/username/.creativecoin

Specific requirements: MAC Wallet requires latest macOS Sierra version and may need to update the Xcode.

1.1 – Execute the downloaded file:

1)-Download and execute the Wallet for your operating system. Download wallet.

2)-Add nodes if needed. Help/ Debug Windows/console

addnode= add
addnode= add
addnode= add
addnode= add

3)-For greater security, we recommend you to encrypt your wallet. Settings /Encrypt wallet

4)-We recommend that you always keep a copy of your wallet in a safe place. File /Backup Wallet…

5)-Select the Address where to receive CREA. Receive address / Request payment / copy address (CREA addresses alwys start with “C”)

If you need help for installing the wallet contact our team in the Telegram group: English language, Spanish language

Download wallet

Important: if you delete your wallet without having a security copy, you won’t be able to get back your CREA anymore. If you delete the wallet after having issued the certificate, remember than we aren’t able to notice and we will be sending the corresponding CREA to a lost address and you won’t retrieve this amount. We know this is something obvious, but it is necessary to be remembered.

Second step

Request your CREA of the ICO

2- You can check the data, the formula of distribution and know the percentage destined to each crowdfunder


If your address doesn’t appear in this file means that you are not a crowdfunder of Creativechain or your transaction was sent from a platform controlled by another company: Coinbase, Xapo, Blockchain.com etc. If this is your case please continue reading point 2.4.

2.1 – Ask your CREA through our form nd fill in the next fields:

  • Name or nickname
  • Your Bitcoin address
  • Your CREA address

Next, a pop-up will appear with the transaction hash and a field in which you must enter the signature of the message with the address from where you sent your contribution to Creativechain.

¿How to sign a message with your wallet?

Tutorial Electrum video, Tutorial Electrum 2 Tutorial Multibit, Tutorial Mycelium


2.2 – Once your message is signed properly and your identity is verified as a crowdfunder, it will be generated a public certificate that you could find by typing “ICO Certificate” in the search bar in creativechain.net

2.3 – In case you have made a contribution from a wallet that does not allow the signing of messages, you should contact the support of your online wallet and ask them to verify the authenticity of your account and the transaction corresponding to your contribution to the ICO. It is important that you add in copy ico@creativechain.org so we can receive the answer of your wallet support as well.

2.4 – All the issued certificates will be checked as soon as possible in order to send the corresponding amount of CREA to the addresses provided by the Crowdfunders

3 – Those participants who have made contributions through bank transfer, should contact https://support.chip-chap.com/ requesting their CREA from their chip-chap user profile and indicating the concept “Get CREA”

*The period of validity for CREA exchange using the certification form will be available until July 5th 2017. After this period, all the unclaimed contributions will be refunded to their address of origin. The unclaimed CREA amount will be distributed proportionally to all the crowdfunders.

*If you signed your certificate before May 3rd at 10pm UTC, we need you to sign it again. There was a mistake in the percentages shown and, to be fair and rigorous, we ask you to do this process again. Our apologies.

Address Crowdsale:

ICO: Address BTC

ICO: Address Bank transfers

Terms of Participation ICO


CREA is the first cryptocurrency created and designed to satisfy the needs of all creative communities that produce and distribute digital content. A global currency that doesn’t  belong to any state or government and can be used around the world without geographical or political barriers. The fact of being foreign to the fiduciary system makes impossible to create debt with it and its value does not depend on the intervention of any central bank. CREA uses up to 8 decimal divisible features that facilitates micropayments to all types of content. Transactions are made in real time and they are completed in a few minutes. The coin is designed to be impossible to counterfeit and can not be doubled without the network detecting it.

The cryptocurrency is anonymous and no one is obliged to reveal its identity, which makes of CREA a perfect currency to register contents anonymously. All transactions and registrations are transparent and are recorded in an open account book. The use of CREA entails lower costs per transaction than any traditional credit card system or payment gateways such as Paypal. CREA is a peer-to-peer currency and works like cash, with the advantage that it occupies a tiny space so you can save a huge amount on a small file or USB stick.


12,226,641CREA Total premined for the ICO (corresponding to 10,6% of the total of issued Creativecoin)
The rest of the issued cryptocurrency can be obtained by mining (89.4% of the total in 92 years approx)

Distribution ICO

Initial Coin Offering (ICO) – 65% of total Premined

During the period of the ICO, you will have access to purchases of the cryptocurrency to get a portion of the 7,947,316 CREA. Each crowdfunder invests in BTC, € or $ getting a percentage of CREA that will be proportional to the total invested by all crowdfunders.
The funds invested by all crowdfunders will be deposited in a address witnessed by the fiduciary party who will be in charge of unblocking the payments once the ICO has been completed and the milestones proposed in the Project have been made.

ICO Start: March 15, 2017. (8:00 UTC)
ICO End: May 1, 2017. (12:00 UTC)
Closing of the participation by bank transfer: April 27, 2017 (12:00 UTC)
Announcement of the main: May 1, 2017 (14:00 UTC)
Application and distribution of CREA: May 1, 2017 (14:00 UTC)

Bonus 21% (March 15th)
Bonus 13% (March 16th)
Bonus 8% (March 17th & 18th)
Bonus 5% (March 19th- 20th & 21st)
Bonus 3% (March 22nd- 23rd- 24th- 25th- 26th)
Bonus 2% (March 27th- 28th- 29th- 30th- 31st and April 1st- 2nd- 3rd)
Bonus 1% (April 4th- 5th- 6th- 7th- 8th- 9th-10th- 11th- 12th- 13th  14th- 15th- 16th)
0% (From April 17 to May 1)


Distribution for Creativechain 35% of total Premined

Bounties for Collaborations: 12% CREA
Rewards for all those who support the project in terms of advice, development, dissemination or translation of content into other languages.

Rewards to copyleft content: 10% CREA
To promote the use of free licenses will be spread over 4 years small rewards in the form of donation or sponsorship to copyleft projects registered in the platform that have gained greater interaction or assessment by the user community.

Developers Team: 10% CREA
Incentives and rewards for the team that develos the Core and the platform Creativechain.
These funds are distributed in two annual payments. First payment May 2 and second payment November 2.

Public domain content: 3% CREA
Reserve fund to register and index public domain content on the platform.


Core Development
Content platform development
Legal & contract development
Communication & Diffusion
Experimental Lab Crea


Specific characteristics Creativecoin

Name Currency: Creativecoin
Symbol / Label: CREA
Total issue of the currency: 115.000.000
Hash algorithm: Scrypt
Job type: Proof-of-Work (POW)
Block spacing: 2 minutEs
Maximum block size: 4 MB
Minimum Confirmation: 8 BloCKS

Más detalles

Fibonacci Overture:

The CREA genesis follows a Fibonacci sequence structure with rewards every 2 minutes with a 2-phase path: The first phase starts in the genesis block 1/1/2/3/5/8/13/21/34/55 Until the block Fibo 514229 (2 years) where it will start the second inverted phase 34/13/8/5/3/2/1 / until reaching blocke Fibo 24157817 (93 years).

Más detalles

Charts &  Distribution

Milestones / Escrow release funds

Escrow will be responsible for verifying compliance with all milestones. Once it is confirmed, will be delivered and percentage payments will be made to creativechain.org’s team.
Escrow 1- Direct BTC payments: HostfatHolytransaction, Protus (Team Creativechain.org)
Escrow 2- Payment by bank transfer: ChipChapProtus (Team Creativechain.org) 

Milestone 1

Final TESTNET, launch MAINNET, distribution of CREAs to investors.
Media Explorer CREA 1.0 Platform (Proof of concept) Block Explorer.
Wallet version 1.0 MAC / WIN / LINUX and Android, (Lite SPV wallet), Full API documentation.

Minimum reached 5 BTC
or 60% Payment
May 2, 2017

Milestone 2

Platform Creativechain Desktop 1.0 / Android / IOS / LINUX / MAC / WIND
Streaming and downloading of contents.
Registration of copyright licenses (copyleft /copyleft /creative commons)
Smart contracts: Smart actions, creative chains, management and design of new contracts and package licenses.
Sale and distribution of contents: Direct purchase, Creative Commons, Royalty Free, equity crowdfunding, donations.
Social network: Channels of distribution, rating systems, encrypted chat between users, public statistics, virtual wallet.
Creativecoin cash in cash out, Buy in ATMs

Payment of 40% of the total ICO
T4  2017


Decentralized platform for the registration and distribution of content that certifies the authorship and license of any work or creation making them indelible.



Bye Bye Copyright Management Organizations

At Creativechain we are challenging the centralized power of traditional systems of copyright management entities. We offer a public and transparent alternative to intellectual property registration using revolutionary distributed technology blockchain.


Thanks to Creativechain’s peer-to-peer ecosystem we can forget about the opaque and centralized models of content distribution whose intermediaries set huge fees that make the work of authors more expensive.


The system favors free culture and collective creation, so any payment or donation for a derivative work can be chained to reward a percentage of all authors who are in the creative chain.




Registered 2015-05-07

Development concept

T3, 2016


T4, 2016


T2, 2017

Creativechain Platform

T3,T4 2017



more details




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