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The decentralized creative community

We are distributing 82.500 CREA to the first CREAtives

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Certify your works safely

At Creativechain we are challenging the centralized power of the traditional systems of copyright management entities. We offer a public and transparent alternative to intellectual property registration making an intelligent use of the revolutionary and distributed blockchain technology.

The platform applies the power of attorney of the revolutionary Blockchain technology in the process of registering content to create incorruptible proof of existence (POE) that certify the authorship of any digital work.

Connect with Creative Communities

Aimed at all artists, musicians, designers, writers and professionals in the audiovisual sector who produce digital content and use the Internet to sell or distribute their creations among their fans and followers.

Without intermediaries

Thanks to Creativechain’s peer-to-peer ecosystem we can forget about the opaque and centralized models of content distribution whose intermediaries set huge fees that make the work of the authors more expensive.

A decentralized social network without censorship, where you can freely share your creations in an economic system managed by the community itself.

Peer to Peer distribution

Creativechain incorporates multiple peer to peer content distribution systems with Creativecoin (CREA), the official cryptocurrency of the platform.

Get your first CREA sharing quality works on the platform. Receive donations every time you receive a “like” from other users.

A coin for digital culture

Money is always a political issue. This is why we have designed an alternative cryptocurrency with the objective of promoting the economic empowerment of creative people against the traditional banking system.

Now you are your own bank

A step towards unbanking! In a decentralized economy, nobody but you can control your Creativecoin (CREA).

Download the CREA Wallet to send, receive and store your earnings in the economy of the future.

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Blockchain platform for multimedia registration and distribution that indelibly certifies the intellectual properties and their distribution licenses of digital art

Creative chain

Any payment or donation to a derivative work can be linked to proportionally reward all authors who are in the creative chain.

Smart Actions

Apply smart multisig contracts to close agreements on your publications.

Become a genius

Become a genius in your creative community and get rewards from your followers.

Buzz in the media

A tool for the empowerment of artists and all kinds of creative people who produce, share and distribute digital content.

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